The copyright war and how it effect general computing

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I happened to see this speach given by Cory Doctorow about general computing and the effect of copyright wars on it. This might not seem all that important to some of you but with the new Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) that the US government is working on its something that will effect us all.

Please watch the first 20 minutes of this video. Trust us when we say you time would not be wasted. This is something that normal everyday users should know about.

Cory talks about the evolution of computers, how copyright was enforced in the old days with floppy days. He also talks about how computers are being sold as appliances that do a specific job, like playstations and Xbox which are full fledged computers not allowed to perform beyond what the manufacturers want them to.

Finally he tells us what the future of general computing looks like. You can skip the Q&A round after the 20 minute mark but the initial part is a must watch.

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The copyright war and how it effect general computing
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