Police use Google to track GPS location of kindappers cellphone

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Did you know that there is a cell phone providers must me able to must locate GPS positions of users within 100 feet !

Well it came as a surprise as I read this story on BBC news.

A girl was kidnapped by her grandmother after telling her parents that she was being taken out for the weekend. The police requested AT&T to track the mobile phone used by the girl to locate where she was being held. The police used Google Street View to find the hotel where the girl was staying.

The police have said that they would use this ability only in emergency situations such as when a person is missing or lost, or a life is in danger. AT&T says that the police have to file a report with a request for the same.

Isn’t this an invasion of privacy ? For someone to be able to track your location, though helful in situations like this might be going a little overboard.

[ Read the full story here ]

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