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Virtual credit cards free from Paypal

paypal-mastercardScared to shop online because someone might misuse the credit card information you give out ? That is one of the main reasons people new to online shopping dont buy anything. Paypal has come up with a new system that can keep you credit card info secure, even on sites where paypal is not accepted.

Paypal is an online service that acts as a virtual online bank. Money can be transferred to other paypal accounts, it can also be used to shop online without giving out your real credit card information. Not all online merchants accept paypal, that is when you will have to give out the real information.


Paypal has come up with a solution to tackle this problem. They have introduced a paypal browser plugin that can generate single use MasterCard numbers which can be used to shop online. This way you can shop on website that do not accept paypal. This keeps your real information secure and you do not have to worry about your credit card being misused. The plugin can also fill in your shipping details and other information required to make online purchases.


It can also track all your purchase receipts, enabling you to track all the online purchases.

Now the bad news is that this feature has only been released in USA as of now. Cant wait for them to release it in India and Philippines. Personally I earn money every month in my Paypal account and prefer to use it for my online shopping rather than use my credit card or withdrawing it to a bank account.

Try the Paypal Plugin

Virtual credit cards free from Paypal
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  • heddy

    thanks bro for this information.. new information for me..

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  • Kingdom Computing

    hope will be available in my country soon :D

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  • Dilip

    Very helpful information helped a lot thanks.

  • gendrobumi

    thank you for your information. goodluck!

  • This is definitely a very cool idea. It is almost as cool as even the Revolution Money Card that does not even have a name, signature, or number on the card!
    .-= Joel – Credit Card Chaser´s last blog ..Credit Cards & Bankruptcy: A Visual Tragedy =-.

  • Joel – Credit Card Chaser

    BTW Revolution Money was just bought by American Express for $300 million so it will be interesting to see what kinds of things they have in the works like this.
    .-= Joel – Credit Card Chaser´s last blog ..Credit Cards & Bankruptcy: A Visual Tragedy =-.

  • MasEDI

    nice info thanks br0!

  • Rodion

    i wanna complaint that the plugins is no longer available.
    what should i do??

  • Shannon

    Yeah true but still the cheapest place to get Virtual Credit Cards from is

  • avatarlady

    Hi. I need a VCC for paypal. I need it ASAP and payment will be made via paypal. Please reply to me either at my blog or email [email protected]

  • Albert Einstein

    how to get free virtual credit cards from paypal? i need it

  • is it available in all countries ?

  • Prodyot

    Vry helpful article.
    Thanks for posting it.

  • Prasanna Datar

    Millions of people in the world even today are unable to obtain a credit card for one or other reasons. The truth is That 90% of websites and companies over the internet would only accept credit card payments. Several online services & subscriptions require credit cards and even used for verifications to create online accounts at several websites . Virtual cards are designed for use on the Internet.

    The virtual card doesn’t exist in the physical form (e.g. plastic), it is only set of the information that merchant requires for the authorization. For additional safety of the transactions, the account of the virtual card is separated from the main account. The transaction limit and maximum available balance are also adjustable. Having all the attributes of the major credit cards (e.g. VISA Classic or MasterCard Mass) like card number, CVV number, expiry number, you cannot spend more than you have on the card. Virtual cards are accepted in all online shops where a credit card is required.

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