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Windows XP Service Pack 3 – RC version released

xp_sp3_rc.jpgMicrosoft has released the Windows XP Service Pack 3 Release Candidate on their support site.

The file is 336.1 MB and contains all the previously released updates for Win XP.

The Service Pack is said to have a few new functionalities and according to the testing done by researchers the pack is said to make the OS upto 10% faster.

It is recommended to backup inmortant information and set a restore point before installing this pack. The support site also mentions that the SP3 can be easily uninstalled with the following steps.

Uninstall information for the Windows XP SP3 Release Candidate
To uninstall Windows XP SP3, follow these steps:
1. Click Start, click Run, type appwiz.cpl, and then click OK.
2. Click Change or Remove Programs.
3. Click Windows XP Service Pack 3 (936929), and then click Remove.
4. Restart the computer.

The Service Pack 3 is available for download here.

I am still downloading the file, will post more info when I get back.

Windows XP Service Pack 3 – RC version released
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  • JD

    Thanks for the news and link man, was waiting for this a long time and also the music download links are awesome !!

  • JD

    and yeah I will first make a restore point and then proceed…

  • JD, I recommend you install this pack only if you are ready to test it as it may still contain bugs.

    Be sure you backup your important files.

  • Kumar.A.P.P

    I gotta question: would you have to uninstall SP3 RC when the final version of SP3 is released? :razz:

  • JD

    Maybe? or just download another update which will overwrite the existing one with the new patches !!

  • JD

    Hey I have downloaded and installed it but forgot to benchmark the system before the update man, did you Bmark it? I though feel the process execution is faster !!
    placebo effect?

  • Windows Service Pack

    Hey friend, I installed Windows XP with SP3. How to uninstall the previous update and install this SP3 RC? pls help.