WordPress version 2.4 Preview

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Hyper123.net has built a preview version of WordPress 2.4 which should be released on 24 Jan 2008.

Take the 2.4 preview installation for a test drive at http://hyper123.net/wp_demo/

New Features

1 ) Dashboard color changed from blue to an orange blue combo

2 ) Dashboard features a Right Now section which information about posts, pages, categories, tags, etc. This information is currently being shown in 2.3 under Latest Activity section on the Dashboard.

3 ) The comments tabs shows a small box on top of the comments tab, if there are comments awaiting moderation.

4 ) The Presentation tab has been renamed to Design

5 ) Options tab renamed to Settings

6 ) Password strength tool in Users tab

This is not the finished version of 2.4, changes are still being made. So, we will have to wait till Jan 24 to see the final release which should have more changes in it.

WordPress version 2.4 Preview
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