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You downloaded FireFox 3, claim your certificate now !

Most of us have already downloaded Firefox 3. While the Mozilla page sets the number of downloads at more than 8 million in 24 hours, I am sure they missed a lot of download counts. Why ? Most bloggers downloaded the software from the FTP server before the official release.

To make up for the FTP lost count, I was downloading Firefox 3 again and realised that they actually give you a certificate for your effort to help them set a world record !! Its true, see the image below..

So if you have already downloaded Firefox, click here to get your certificate.

[ Firefox 3 certificate ]

You downloaded FireFox 3, claim your certificate now !
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  • Madhan

    Thanks, my first certificate !!!
    Hehe should bring back some memories later on

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  • chodirin

    yg gak ikut download pun bisa bikin sertifikat :smile: