40+ smilies in WordPress !!!

Did you know there are more than 40 smilies that can be used when posting or commenting on a WordPress blog !

You can use the simlies by typing the code in a post or comment and wordpress will automatically replace the code with the associated smiley.

Here is the list of smilies I have found. The code is the text between ” “.

Code Smiley Code Smiley
“:mrgreen:” :mrgreen: “:-P” :-P
“:wink:” :wink: “:neutral:” :neutral:
“:cry:” :cry: “:-D” :-D
“:twisted:” :twisted: “:eek:” :eek:
“:-)” :-) “:-|” :-|
“:-o” :-o “:lol:” :lol:
“:-?” :-? “:roll:” :roll:
“:razz:” :razz: “:-x” :-x
“;)” ;) “:cool:” :cool:
“:evil:” :evil: “;-)” ;-)
“:!:” :!: “:x” :x
“:grin:” :grin: “:???:” :???:
“:-(” :-( “:o” :o
“:sad:” :sad: “:oops:” :oops:
“8)” 8) “:)” :)
“:?:” :?: “8-)” 8-)
“:shock:” :shock: “:arrow:” :arrow:
“:|” :| “8O” 8O
“:mad:” :mad: “8-O” 8-O
“:smile:” :smile: “:idea:” :idea:
“:(” :( “:P” :P
“:D” :D  

If you know any other secret ones, add them in the comment :grin:

40+ smilies in WordPress !!!
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