Block Unwanted Websites – by just editing host file

Recently a friend of mine, who works at a gaming parlour asked me how to block certain websites. I knew there were many programs out there including some antivirus/firewall suites. But, he needed the solution to work at different parlours. After some research, I found that it was actually very easy to do this.

Warning !! Please backup your file before editing

Open HOSTS file which is located at C:/windows/system32/drivers/etc using notepad.

Lets say you want to block www.hityou.com

Just add www.hityou.com as shown in the image above. You may also add the site without the www. for added safety.

Thats it !!! Now when you try to open the website, your browser will be unalbe to connect to this website because the DNS for the website has been changed to instead of the real DNS.

This is how Spybot S&Dblocks sites with spyware ;-)

Block Unwanted Websites – by just editing host file
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