CommentsMailer – Show your commentors that you care

On this blog, I reply to every genuine comment but I am sure that most people will not come back to that post to read the reply. Even regular readers will come to read the new posts and forget about any questions asked via a comment on a previous post.

The solution to this has been subscribing to comment but that spams your email with all comment on that post.

CommentsMailer is a new plugin that allows the author of a WordPress blog to send an email to a specific commentor while replying to a comment. This means only a single email will be sent to the commentor and will help to show that you care about your readers.

I have tried this on my site and here are a screenshots that will help your understand how it works.

While entering a reply to an existing comment you can choose the commentor you are replying to.

The commenter will then receive an email as shown below.

Download the CommentsMailer plugin here.

CommentsMailer – Show your commentors that you care
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