Orkut.com – Tips & Tricks

I have many friends, who are on orkut whenever they are in front of a computer. So, I thought I would share a few tips and tricks that can be done on okut. Hope you enjoy these !

Write Anonymous Scraps

  • Create a fake account.
  • Write the scraps to the person you want.
  • Delete the account.
  • Your scraps from the deleted account becomes anonymous.
  • Write your name with the little people font that google uses

    Click here or the image to use this service. Once the image is generated, press PrintScreen key on the keyboard and paste the image in paint.
    Create hearts with text

  • Press the text in the box below and press “Create Heart”

  • Click on the box above to select the code, copy and paste it in the scrap !
    How to find the email ID of a profile on Orkut

  • Ignore the person of whom you want to know the Email id.
  • Open your Gtalk of the same account as Orkut.
  • Go to Settings -> Blocked
  • You can see the ignored person’s email id.
  • Orkut.com – Tips & Tricks
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