Setting Caps Lock & Num Lock Status on startup

Every time I start windows the NumLock is always off. Since I usually set a number for my Windows password, its quite irritating to press the NumLock every time. So, today I will tell you how to set the status by editing your registry.

Please make sure you make a backup of your registry before editing it.

  1. Click Start, then click Run
  2. Open HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Keyboard
  3. Select the String InitialKeyboardIndicators
  4. Change the string value to the desired value as shown in the table below

String Value Effect
0 All Keys Off
1 Caps Lock On
2 Num Lock On
3 Caps Lock & Num Lock On
4 Scroll Lock On
5 Caps Lock & Scroll Lock On
6 Num Lock & Scroll Lock On
7 All Keys On

Restart your computer to see the effects.

Setting Caps Lock & Num Lock Status on startup
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