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Utorrent Hidden Tetris Game Easter Egg

Utorrent is a very popular and lightweight bit torrent client for Windows and Mac. Even though it is only 600 kb installation file, Utorrent has every feature needed to download torrents. The latest versions of he program also support apps to enhance the users experience. Due to its high popularity, chances are everyone you know who downloads torrents are using Utorrent.

Now we found a really cool Easter egg hidden in Utorrent. There is a playable tetris game hidden within utorrent.

How to start Tetris game in UTorrent

Open uTorrent

Click on the Help menu at the top of utorrent and click About uTorrent

Now you should see the version information of the uTorrent installed on your computer.

Now press the T button on your keyboard

A new window opens with the Tetris game.

The game can be controlled using the arrow keys on your keyboard.

Leave a comment and tell us about Easter eggs you know for other programs. Also learn how to use Dropbox to add torrents to uTorrent remotely.


Utorrent Hidden Tetris Game Easter Egg
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