Vista increase half open ports for better torrent download speed

Microsoft has limited the number of half open connections to 10. This crack will increase the limit of the concurrent half-open TCP/IP connection in Vista to 255. If you are exceeding the maximum number of connections, Vista gives the EventId 4226 error. This crack will also fix this problem.

Before we begin, check the version of Vista that you are using.

How to check you TCP/IP version

  • Open C:\Windows\System32\drivers
  • Right click on tcpip.sys and choose properties
  • Check the file version on the details tab

If you do not have Vista SP1, you may download it here.

How to increase half open connections in Vista

  • Confirm your OS build is 18000
  • Download the CrackTCPIP here (Rapidshare mirror).
  • Unzip the files on your computer
  • Run Testinstall.reg file as administrator (right click file and choose run as administrator)
  • Restart computer
  • Open Run.bat as administrator
  • Now watch your torrent connect to other peers much faster.

Note :- This was a test install. If everything is working fine, run the install.reg file to automatically start the crack everytime. Else you will have to manually open run.bat everytime you reboot.

Disclaimer :- I will not be help responsible for any damage to your computer…. Use at your own risk…

Vista increase half open ports for better torrent download speed
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