WinCustomize.com – 1000’s of themes, skins, wallpapers, etc

I love eye candy for my desktop. If you like eye candy too, then you know that the sites hosting the skins are probably filled with spyware. Visit wincustomize.com instead, they have loads of skins for most praograms that can be skinned, minus the adware.

Great site to tune up your XP. You will find tons of software you have never thought of to Personalize and tune up your OS. Let your computer reflect your personality with skins for Windows Vista and XP.

The site hosts thousands of free skins, themes, icons, wallpapers and gadgets, as well as other graphical content to modify the Windows GUI. The goal of this site is to act as a general skin site to the community. There are hundreds of skinnable applications on the net. WinCustomize, however, strives to offer content for some of the most popular.

WinCustomize.com – 1000’s of themes, skins, wallpapers, etc
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