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Free 6 months licensed Kaspersky Internet Security

I have used Kaspersky Internet Security for more than a year now on my desktop.

Incase any of you are interested in getting a licensed version of KIS, they are giving away free licensed copies. The license key is valid for 6 months. This is really useful for people who have new laptops which come with Norton or McAfee and have their subscriptions expired.

Yes I do know that AVG and Avast are free. I use it on my laptop, but I love KIS and you do too, this is your lucky day…

How to get the license key

  1. Visit to get you license key.
  2. Copy activation code and paste it at
  3. Leave the Customer ID and password blank. Click Next.
  4. Click the Download Key button.
  5. Download KIS from here.
  6. Run the Download key file you saved earlier.
  7. Enjoy !
Free 6 months licensed Kaspersky Internet Security
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  • TenCrarlBlary

    Тут найдешь новые ключики для KIS и KAV ВХОД НА САЙТ

  • In most cases a product’s rating went down, expanding the range between highest and lowest rated.Unlike Kaspersky, Symantec provides Norton users with little explanation of its features or settings, either in the configuration settings or on its technical support section. Also we don’t like Norton’s dependency on Internet Explorer to explain Help items or services provided by Symantec (windows pop up in IE even when Firefox is your default browser), or that fee-based services have once again crept into the technical support section. Having improved a lot
    last year in Symantec’s flagship antivirus product, it makes sense we’d see more modest enhancements for this year’s Norton AntiVirus 2008. While Norton