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Happy Birthday to Me !!!

bday.gifIts finally that time of the year when you wonder whether getting older is good or bad. When friends want their treats, you get bombarded by phone calls and eat a lot of cake.


Well this one started off well, lets see how it goes :D

Planning to go out for dinner to Barbeque Nation, one of my favorite restaurants and a must visit if you come to Bangalore.


Happy Birthday to Me !!!
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  • Keith Dsouza

    Hey Buddy wish you a very happy birthday :razz: have fun.

  • Alfred

    Thanks Keith :grin:

  • JD

    Hey, have a great bday and gift your car a new amp and a sub !! and if possible a 4 ch apm for the speakers and if possible upgrade the speakers and the hu also :mrgreen:

    I will tune it for your free :cool:

    details, buzz me !!

  • Gizmo

    Happy Birthday!!!

  • CypherHackz

    I hope it is not too late for me to wish you happy birthday. :)

  • Alfred

    @ Gizmo
    Windy, you have been on of my first and fav readers, thx a lot :D

    @ JD
    Wazzap JD !! The car is done up enough for now. Dont want to blow more money on the car since I am leaving. Though you shld meet me before I go, show you some good drifts :wink:

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