How to hack a phone using bluetooth

Since the last post was about phones, thought I’d post something about hacking them. Hacking cellphones is knows as bluesnarfing. This post is not going to teach you about hacking but rather give you a easy to try it. Its for informational purposes only, please dont misuse it and get in trouble. I will not be responsible for your actions ! Download links at the bottom of the page.

For most Nokia and Sony Ericson phones you can use Super Bluetooth Hack. This is a java program that lets you take control of another phone, make calls, copy phonebook, read and send SMS, etc.

Note :- Newer phones like N70 does not allow you to read SMS but you can still send SMS from their phone.

The video below should give you a good idea on how to use this software.

For Windows Mobile ( Pocket PC ) phone try using Bluezard. Gives much more options and works perfectly when hacking Sony Ericsson phones.


  • Browse remote device filesystem, download, upload and delete files on a remote-device, create folders.
  • Control remote-device by sending AT-commands. It has built-in terminal.
  • Send SMS from remote-device.
    • Download phonebook from remote-device.
    • Send files to the remote-device up to several times faster than filemanagers!
    • Receive files sent via Bluetooth. It can save files directly to storage card, file size is unlimited and it is done on a really high speed!
    • You can choose where to save incoming file.
    • You can set filters for auto-sorting incoming files to different folders.
    • Get extended info about remote-devices: bluetooth manufacturer, avaible services, bluetooth address.
    • Get invisible device status.
    • Bluezard is using system device list, so you don’t need to scan for devices every time!
    • Bluejack remote-device with a message!

[ Download SuperBluetooth Hack ] [ Mirror ]

[ Download Bluezard ] [ Mirror ]

How to hack a phone using bluetooth
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