Internet Speed Test – Know how much bandwidth you get

A lot of people tell me that browsing is slow, when I ask them to do a speed test, most do not know what to do. It is also important for you to know bandwidth your ISP is providing you. Working for companies like AT&T and Covad in the past, I’ve learnt that ISP’s hardly ever meet the speed they promise. If they do not you are most likely entitled to receive a discount in your bill. In this post we will take a look at two popular site that allow you to perform a DSL speed test.

Speedtest.net has a flash application that allows you to conduct the speed test, just choose the nearest server to start the test.

Speed.io is another sitethat allows speedtest.

While running the test make sure that you do not browse other websites or download as this will show incorrect speeds.

Internet Speed Test – Know how much bandwidth you get
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Alfred M :Alfred is a Pilot & Tech blogger from Bangalore, India. He has worked with DSL providers like AOL, SBC, Verizon & Covad as a tech specialist. Currently he is pursuing a career in aviation.