Torrent2Exe.com – Convert your torrents into stand-alone exe files

We are sure that there have been times when your friends asked you where you download movies or music from, and you replies “Torrents”. This would be followed by an exclamation mark on your friends face !

Torrent2exe.com is a service that allows you to convert you torrents into an exe file. The user has to just run the exe file and the torrent will automatically start downloading.

How to use it
  1. Enter the torrent file URL or upload the torrent file to the server.
  2. The download of the small program starts automatically.
  3. This program will automatically do the rest of the job. After you launch the program, your data starts to be downloaded.
  4. Don’t shut the program down after the download is complete. Leave it running for a couple of hours to seed downloaded data. Thus the data will be transmitted to other users. Your access to downloading other files can be denied if you don’t allow other users to download data from your PC.

Try Torrent2Exe here

Torrent2Exe.com – Convert your torrents into stand-alone exe files
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