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1001 Free Fonts – Good Quality Fonts for Free

Everytime I need to do some work with Photoshop, I have to go looking for some good fonts to work with. After finding a font I like, its quite irritating when I learn that I need to pay for it. For a simple guy like me who does basic Photoshop, paying for fonts it frankly out of the question. So here is a nice big database full of quality fonts you guys can use.

1001 free fonts logo1001FreeFonts is a website offering tons of free fonts downloads for both Windows and Mac. The fonts are categorized making it easy to find new fonts. You can also view fonts alphabetically if you are looking for a specific font by name.

1001 free fonts

This site also features an option called Custom Preview. Clicking this button will take you to a page where you can type in your text and see how it will look with the new font. This helps a lot if you know what you are going to use the font for. With this option you can save time by trying out many fonts online instead of downloading each.

Know any other good sites where we can download fonts ? Share them with us, leave a comment.

Try 1001FreeFonts

1001 Free Fonts – Good Quality Fonts for Free
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  • check out this site as well

  • Kenny

    Dude, how do u get the fonts for free? Every search I do yields me fonts that I must pay to get. Am I doing something wrong?

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  • @ Kenny
    on the site mentioned in this post, you do not have to pay for any fonts!

    just choose the one you like and click download for windows

    @Simply me
    thanks for the link, there was a small “/” that was incorrect in the url posted, edited it.

  • There are lots of fonts, both chargeable and free and there are lots of good fonts in the free category.

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  • Kenny

    Thanks, will give it another try soon.

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  • Technology Professional

    Great post! I am also looking for this fonts. Thanks for sharing.

  • sujan


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