2 Free Pilot Logbook

Being a pilot, I like to have a copy of my logbook available online incase I need to access it from a remote location. You never know when you might need to lookup a previous flight or calculate hours for a say cross country or solo flights.

Offline pilot logbook software exist but they defeat the purpose of having information at your fingertips. So, here are 2 free pilot logbook that can store all your flight info online.


My personal favorite, zululog allows you to have a free professional level pilot logbook that can accommodate all your needs. Very easy to enter data, pull out reports & export data. Just wanted to mention that zululog also supports organizations like school and aircraft maintenance. They also have very supportive staff as I recall.


  • Unlimited flight record entries
  • Powerful flight charting, analysis and reporting tools
  • Easy backup/export to PDF and spreadsheets
  • Google app available to enter data easily
  • Ability to link directly to your flights from your Web pages
  • PIC and instrument currency monitoring and alerts
  • Full SSL Web security and encryption
  • Flight instructor/student linking
  • Friend list to help you keep in touch with other pilots
  • Database of over 15,000 airports and 750 aircraft types


A no frills  pilot logbook. Easy to enter, use and understand. There are various reports available like hours by aicraft, type & model. Pretty decent logbook if you are an aviation student.

Since I wrote about aviation here is something that could prove quite useful for pilots with windows mobile phones.

E6B navigational computer for windows mobile phone

If you know any other logbook that is worth a look, feel free, leave a comment and let us know.

2 Free Pilot Logbook
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