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Check if your system can run a game before you buy it

Gaming is going through a major revolution and the graphics keep getting better with every new game that is released. Unless you have a top of the line computer some of these games will not run on your computer. Hence it is very important to check the system requirements to know if the game would work on your computer.

System Requirements Lab uses an online script to check your computer to see if it meets or exceeds the requirements of a game. Just choose a game and hit the “Can you run it?” button. It may take a few seconds for the results, so be patient and dont close the browser.

System Requirements Results

Try it here.

Check if your system can run a game before you buy it
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  • Bharathy

    Glad to see you again in my place Alfred!..

    Mom said that you are going abroad or packing off from Bangalore…???and I thought you are away form her..
    Hope,sister are all doing fine..and you too

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  • Alfred

    When my blog was receiving 3000 -4000 hits a day the clicks were about 27 a day :???:

  • Funny this should come up. My laptop from work can’t run anything!! It drives me crazy. I was really excited to play some old school games (Half Life 2) and when I went to fire it up…it couldn’t run it because my graphics card is such a piece of junk. Grrrr.