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Download torrents without any software

We received an email from one of our readers who wanted to know how to download to torrents. After explaining the process to her, we were told that her office wouldn’t allow the installation of any programs. Here is an awesome BitTorrent applet that lets you download torrent files directly in your browser. is an experimental Java applet that allows users to download torrents without the need for any additional software. Users just have to copy the metafile URL of the torrent and paste it into the download box on the main page (explainined below). There is also a tool for publishers that creates a code which which users can click to directly download using the BitLet service.

BitLet screenshot

How to get the metafile URL of the torrent and download from BitLet

1. Open your favorite search engine (like
2. Find the file you want to download.
3. Right click the download torrent link and copy the link location
4. Paste the link location in and start downloading the torrent.

Copying metafile URL

BitLet also has a new applet called westream, that allows you to stream music from torrents. This service can be accessed from

Download torrents without any software
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  • capo

    good job..that’s what i need. thanks..

  • This sounds like an excellent plugin, is this a firefox only addon?

  • @Torrent Seedbox, This is not an addon. It creates and exe file that you download. This exe will download the torrent for you !

  • Udegbunam Chukwudi

    How safe is the .exe created by the website itself and are the download speeds comparable to that of Utorrent or other regular torrent downloaders?

  • Its safe, when I need people to download from torrents. I just download the exe file and mail it to them. Never had any issues with it.
    Download speeds have been pretty good usually capping my ISP limits.

  • Planting

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  • Milosny katalog

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