Drop.io – A simple and fast way to share data

Drop.io is a place where you can share photos, videos and documents without even registering. It works by letting you create a custom URL (drop.io/dropname) which you can share with others. The drops are not searchable but for additional security they have an option to protect drops with passwords.

Once a drop has been created, it can be accessed just typing its location in any browser drop.io/dropname

Uploading files to Drop.io

Data can be added in three ways

  • the web (drop.io/thedropname)
  • email (thedropname@drop.io)
  • phone (646-XXX-XXXX ext. XXXXX)

While we haven’t tested the phone option, should enable voice recording, more like online voice mails.

Using the drop as a collaborative space is one of the reasons I have been using it. Upload files to the drop, my colleague works on it, then our manager checks it and I get the final file back in the drop.

Drop.io – A simple and fast way to share data
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