EntreCard – Networking and Ad-campaigning for your blog

I am sure that most bloggers out there have definitely heard about EntreCard. Almost all the famous blogs spot the widgets and I decided to give it a try.

EntreCard is a networking and Ad-campaigning for your blog. Basically, EntreCard is like a virtual business card that you can drop when you visit other blogs that sport their widget. It is a 125×125 image which will represent your blog. Incase you do not have an image to use, the service allows you to create a text/template based image.

Once the registration and the image setup is done, you have to add their widget to your blog. EntreCard runs a script to check if the widget was installed on your blog.

Almost immediately other bloggers start visiting you site and dropping their Cards. You can view Cards that were dropped on your site in EntreCard’s Inbox.

Each Card dropped on your blog or each card you drop gives you 1ec (EntreCard points). You can then use this ec to advertise your Card on other blogs.


  • If you drop a lot of cards and earn ec, you can have your card show on established blogs like JohnChow, Problogger, etc.
  • You visit many blogs to drop cards, so you are likely to get new ideas or inspiration from them.


  • Most of the traffic coming EntreCard are people who just want to drop their cards on your blog. (They have no real interest in you blog, just the ec they earn from dropping cards.)

If you do want to browse/drop cards at blogs which have EntreCard, use Joe’s EC Browser.

Personally I dont know if EC is worth it or not, guess I need more time to evaluate their traffic. For now I will keep the widget and see how things go.

EntreCard – Networking and Ad-campaigning for your blog
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