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Update May 2015

The old app/site is not working anymore, so here is an updated way to make free calls.

unlimited local, std, isd calling to any number through any number

  1. go to
  2. click ‘’try free for life’’and signup with any random name and any disposable mail id like mailinator  BUT PROVIDE YOUR REAL NUMBER (THEONE YOU WANT TO USE FOR FOR UNLIMITED CALLING )
  3. verify email
  4. now you will get a sms saying you have to give miss call to a given number. Give the missed call as directed
  5. in knowlarity site click on “click to call’’
  6. choose sr no, user and at last input the number you want to call.
  7. you will get a call just receive it and it will connect shortly.

you will get 20 coins for sign up worth 10 minute of calling but they will not hang up your call during your call due to their company policy so when you get connected to you friend dont hang up phone for 2 or 3 or 10 hours….enjoy.

the best part is you dont need to provide different new numbers, you

just provide same no ( but different mail id ) and repeat the process


I have been using Skype to talk to my family, who are spread out in different countries. Skype offers good voice quality and pretty cheap rates for calling other countries. Even though I recommend it to my friends here, most of them do not like to use it because they dont have a credit card to pay for it. Thats when I found Evaphone.

Evaphone is a website that offers free calls to any country in the world. There is no registration or other hassles. Just visit the site, wait for the flash application to load, dial the number andd talk ! Its that simple !

Hard to beleive right ? Well it is that simple but there is a downside to it. Calls drop frequently and sometimes the voice quality is bad. You can make a maximum of 5 free calls a day (not sure of the exact number).

But I’m not going to complain on how bad the call is… They are offering free calls after all. Try it out, you wont be spending a cent ! – Make free calls to India or anywhere in the world
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  • Rishi

    I don’t have any complaints too. After all this is free. :mrgreen:

    Great find buddy, Pretty useful.

  • dr d ray

    hi alfred ,can I make a call to my relatives abroad, from india using evaphone on my pocket pc -htc touch ??

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  • sikha

    All this is bakwas. dont trust

  • What is bakwas, making free call ?
    and what is not to trust ? You are not giving any personal info to them… so where does trust come into it ?



  • jagbir

    i want make call india to canada by pc to mobile phone and landline phone

  • pravin

    i want make a call urgent to my family please from chile my cell numer is +56976075503

  • If u need to make a urgent call, use the phone !! Or use a paid VOIP sevice like skype.

    This blog only helps to discover services. I do not provide tech support for them !

    Thank you for understanding.

  • lalith chaminda


  • Ashish

    :twisted: :smile: :evil: :razz:

  • Ruchi is giving away 100 free minutes to call India from any phone, the giftcode to use while signup is YR09

  • afsal

    i want freecall call uae to india

  • rob

    Bloody Crap..!! give any number and its ringing… I tried with my own number and it was ringing..

  • salim

    iwantfreecalluaetoindia :oops:

  • Deepak

    Every time the call disconnets in 11 seconds, anyone else facing the same problem?

    Please let me know how did you resolve it, if you did resolve it.

  • jeetendra

    :lol: 397061204063

  • vaibhav

    Does it works. I want to make call to my gf in pakistan.


    no comment

  • sujan


  • Juan

    is there a time limit per call?

  • recently when i checked they introduced a new time limit. on the second call i placed i had a 15 sec time limit thus making the site useless

  • call

    Yeah, Evaphone is a crap. 12 seconds free call is good only to say hello!

  • Ozz

    Evaphone is bullS***, 10 seconds for a call? Its a joke.. they probably are teasing people like us…

    We probably are a bunch of fools probably wasting our time on stunts like these…

    Goood luck to the fools community!

  • i agree Ozz but at the time i made this post, they did not have that limit.

  • Soniya Sharma

    There are so many other VOIP providers which provide free calls to India and rest of the world. What I do is to follow blogs that post about such offers. This way you do not have to go from one provider to another looking for offers. My favourite is

  • parves

    he is not good

  • parves

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  • parves

    not good

  • bath mateus

    Well thanks for the post. It was really helpful.


  • iam able to talk only for 20 secs,so how can i continue the call

  • hashley

    dis site is blocked in uae so wat can i do ?
    hw can i make calz 2 india ?

  • The UAE users can now make free use of VoIP softwares. There are so many new offers introduced from various VoIP Service providers. You can find a comprehensive list of offers with DETAILS on


  • obliteratescams

    i’m afraid to tell you that this evaphone phone-calling website is a total farce (aka: scam/sham/bs)

    skype to skype user is free. internationally known software.

    dont be complete computer illiterate fools and fall for russian scams

  • Dan

    @ obliteratescams…

    How can you say that its scam, I have tested it many times. We are talking about free to phone calls here. Not about Pc to Pc Calls. There are many ways to do Pc to pc calls, but lesser Pc to phone calls. Evaphone one of them, though for few seconds.

  • Bharath

    I need a free call

  • Sunny

    In This world Nothing is Free for Long !
    Call more Save More !
    Enjoy! with Demo 10mints free calls to india, usa, canada and uk..
    Register and enjoy ! the service.
    Also very cheap rates for INDIA AND USA.
    50$ Card get 4000mints to INDIA,USA AND CANADA.
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  • khemchand

    realy good free calling thanks

  • Rakesh Kumar

    Yes i have used Evaphone to call me bro in US and i must say it’s really a awesome service.

  • sam

    evaphone sucks man,,voice quality is reall ybad , both sides cant hear anything some one facing same problem, pls help me to resolve it ,,,

  • sudheer

    try “fi-call” pc to phone calling its a demo of 32 mins its free and no charge for registration clear quality and no disturbance thanku guys

  • raza


  • deepraj talukder

    wow man its amazing… cant belive it….. thans for the post its really awesome..

  • rabia

    i want to make call from india to india

  • Rahul

    i want to call in india to india

  • manis

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  • Derric

    Thank u……….It’s too valuable………

  • laxmiprasad


  • pasha

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  • raaj

    evaphone is so dirty site?

  • Akhtar

    I want to make phone evaphone

  • callmechaz

    I just used it to call my wife when my cell phone got lost. It worked GREAT!. Simple to use with no signup–just enter a phone number and you in 20 seconds you are talking to someone’s phone for free! Really clear in my headphones. I got two free calls that lasted a little over a minute. It’s just an intro to their service, guys. Quit whining and don’t use their FREE service it if you don’t like it.

  • amita choudhary

    ye sab bakwas h…………. dont trust it …really……….

  • hiren j.bhimani

    i want call India to India

  • aravind s

    Thanks dude….

  • s.mazhar ali shah


  • The limit makes Evaphone a joke otherwise it was a good service. However, there are plenty of other services that offers free or dirt cheap voip calls. We have reviewed quite a few at


  • baba

    hi frnds i think it was fake i tryed but m nt getting tel me how make calls

  • rakesh

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  • Sunny

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  • aizaz

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  • free calls are limited upto 2 minutes only plzzz give some more free minutes….

  • shane alam

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  • aman

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