Evaphone.com – Make free calls to India or anywhere in the world

Update May 2015

The old app/site is not working anymore, so here is an updated way to make free calls.

unlimited local, std, isd calling to any number through any number

  1. go to knowlarity.com
  2. click ‘’try free for life’’and signup with any random name and any disposable mail id like mailinator  BUT PROVIDE YOUR REAL NUMBER (THEONE YOU WANT TO USE FOR FOR UNLIMITED CALLING )
  3. verify email
  4. now you will get a sms saying you have to give miss call to a given number. Give the missed call as directed
  5. in knowlarity site click on “click to call’’
  6. choose sr no, user and at last input the number you want to call.
  7. you will get a call just receive it and it will connect shortly.

you will get 20 coins for sign up worth 10 minute of calling but they will not hang up your call during your call due to their company policy so when you get connected to you friend dont hang up phone for 2 or 3 or 10 hours….enjoy.

the best part is you dont need to provide different new numbers, you

just provide same no ( but different mail id ) and repeat the process


I have been using Skype to talk to my family, who are spread out in different countries. Skype offers good voice quality and pretty cheap rates for calling other countries. Even though I recommend it to my friends here, most of them do not like to use it because they dont have a credit card to pay for it. Thats when I found Evaphone.

Evaphone is a website that offers free calls to any country in the world. There is no registration or other hassles. Just visit the site, wait for the flash application to load, dial the number andd talk ! Its that simple !

Hard to beleive right ? Well it is that simple but there is a downside to it. Calls drop frequently and sometimes the voice quality is bad. You can make a maximum of 5 free calls a day (not sure of the exact number).

But I’m not going to complain on how bad the call is… They are offering free calls after all. Try it out, you wont be spending a cent !

Evaphone.com – Make free calls to India or anywhere in the world
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