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Hearwho is a service that allows you to convert text into mp3. This can be quite useful when you need to catch up on the latest news or would like to listen to a big report.

Just paste the text you need to convert into an audio file in the text box. Choose the voice, language and voice quality and hit convert to have your text converted into an audio file.

The file can then be transferred to your iPod so that you can listen to it on the go. The website also has links to popular news sites.

I have many ebooks about flying aircraft, usually use this service to convert the text into audio files that I can listen to while waiting in the airport. – Convert Text into MP3 to listen on your iPod
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  • Really?, it’s nice to convert text into mp3

  • I much prefer the YAKiToMe! website ( for free text to speech. Why pay money to HearWho when YAKiToMe! gives you much more for free? YAKiToMe! has more voices, more features, more capabilities, is easier to use … and it’s all free. Check it out.

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