IndyChai.com – Indian News

 Google news has always been on my homepage because I never manage to have enough time to read the newspaper. Had been on the lookout for an Indian news service and that’s when I found IndyChai.

IndyChai is an Indian news aggregator that features many popular Indian sites. The site features a very simple layout, almost looks like some wordpress blogs I have seen.

Items are categorized into News, Entertainment, Sports, Tech, Good Life, and Entrepreneur. The News and Tech sections are fairly good with a lot of content. The sports section is limited to Cricket and Entertainment section to Bolloywood !! Can’t complain they are still in beta stage but I do hope they add more content soon.

IndyChai features RSS feeds and user comments. If it’s Indian News your looking for, Indy Chai is a good stopover to check whatz new !

IndyChai.com – Indian News
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