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  • Kumar.A.P.P

    A great concept, Just what I was looking for. Thankx! :razz:

  • JD

    Another awesome find, keep up with the good work !!

  • Chitzui

    sounds good

  • Chitzui

    Hey but I don’t use internet explorer :O

  • @ Kumar Glad I could help

    @ JD Wassup JD, I know you will think of some idea with this tool. If not ask me about it on msn, I’ll tell you a trick.

    @ Chitzui Hmm I guess you are reffering to the sidebar widget that says
    “This site might not display correctly with Internet Explorer 6.”
    It displays for everyone :mrgreen:

  • JD

    Alf what time are you on msn?

  • I am on in the nights

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