LetterMeLater.com – Schedule emails to be sent later

Christmas and New Year is coming up and I have a lot of emails to send. I am so busy nowadays that it is almost impossible for me to write these emails on Christmas or New Year. Also, I cannot write the emails earlier cause the receiver would know that I sent them days ago. Here’s a solution to this problem

LetterMeLater is a web-service that allows you to write emails and have them sent at a later date or time.

The registration is simple and they do not ask for your personal email account information or password. Once you are registered, head over to the compose section and fill in the fields as per your requirements.

The email will be sent on the date and time specified in the form. The service is free and does not contain any annoying advertisements.

You can also send email directly from Gmail, Yahoo or any other email service by using the method mentioned here.

Go on write some personal emails to your loved ones this Christmas, I am sure it will make them feel good.

LetterMeLater.com – Schedule emails to be sent later
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