Pixlr – Online image editor which looks just like Photoshop

Yesterday, I got an email from Flickr that you can get 30 free photo prints by using the Coupon “FREEPRINTS”. This is valid for only 10X15 size images and you need to pay for postage and handling. Tried searching for other similar apps and ended up finding Pixlr.

The first time I opened the Pixlr I was wondering if the window was photoshop or firefor. Pixlr is an online image editing app that looks very similar to photoshop. This made me feel right at home as I started trying out some basic editing on an image.

Pixlr is a flash app so you need to have Adobe Flash installed first. The editing features are pretty basic but it does a good job if you just need to edit an image for posting on your blog or a website.

[ Try Pixlr here ]

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