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Save Youtube Videos in HD format

hdNow that there are so many people uploading videos in HD and youtube also playing them as HD, its better to download the HD version of videos whenever possible.

KeepHD is a service that allows you to download Youtube Videos in HD format. The site also gives you the option to download the video in 3GP format which is widely used in mobile phones.


Its really simple to download a video. Just browse you tube normally. Find a video you like, copy the URL from the address bar and paste it in the KeepHD site’s download box.

You will need a video player that can play Flash (FLV) files. Incase you do not have any, you can download GOM Player or choose from Four free media players.

If you want to download videos from Metacafe or Break, try using ExtractVideo. Also check out our post on how to Save MP3 audio file from Youtube Videos.

You can save the files directly from this post, since KeepHD allows us to embed the code on our own blogs.

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