SimplyCricket.net – Online cricket community

SimplyCricket.net is a social networking site devoted to cricket.

You can register and create a profile to join in discussions on the forums, which features cricket training tips, suggestions, a question and answers section, an equipment guide, etc. There is also a section to track your favorite teams to see when and where they will play next.

The site has a live scoreboard during matches allowing you to check the scores. This should be quite usefull for people stuck in office during a match.

Another thing I noticed was that the forum contained 4 sub sections full on guides on batting, bowling, fielding and equipment. Should help you learn a few tricks.

If you like cricket, this could be a better place to hang out than Orkut :-D

Personally I hate cricket !!! An exception to that would be the 20/20 World Cup Final !

SimplyCricket.net – Online cricket community
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