Spresent.com – create Flash presentations online

What do you do when you don’t have Powerpoint and need to make good looking presentations. You guessed it, Spresent.com, bah I know you read the title :p

Spresent is a free online alternative to Microsoft PowerPoint. Using Spresent you can create and share quality Flash-based presentations online. Dead simple and easy to use, it comes with an interface that will be quite familiar for Powerpoint users.


  1. Create PowerPoint-like presentations online (Flash based).
  2. Add audio files, drawings, add shapes, charts, clip art animations, tables, etc.
  3. Share presentations via URL or embed them on your website (WordPress how to here)
  4. Currently supports 7 languages (English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese and Vietnamese)

Currently there is no way to import or export files in Spresent but Flash export is coming soon. For now you can save the file as in PDF format (how to here).

Spresent.com – create Flash presentations online
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