Twitter Auto Response Service

We have never promoted Twitter on this blog. Yesterday we decided that it would be a good idea to get started with it. We plan to do a study (confidential for now) and show you some results in a months time. In the meantime, we saw that when we followed some people, there were automatic responses asking us to visit their site or some kind of affiliate promotion.

TweetLater is a service that can help you setup an auto response service. It similar to how aweber works with emails. They also allow you to bulk upload and schedule tweets. Other tools offered include auto follow people that follow you, url shortning and mass emptying the direct message inbox.


  • Schedule tweets
  • Bulk upload & schedule tweets
  • Track keywords on Twitter
  • Save and reuse drafts
  • Send welcome DMs to new followers
  • Bit.ly URL shortening
  • Follow those who follow you
  • Unfollow those who unfollow you
  • Vet new followers
  • Purge your DM Inbox
  • Personal status feed
  • Unlimited Twitter accounts

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Twitter Auto Response Service
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