Wadja.com – Send free global SMS

Wadja.com is a service that helps you organize and manage your online social presence so you can better communicate and connect with friends, family, and contacts.

Wadja is unique a social media and messaging service that is open and transparent, providing all its users with a variety of communication options such as sms, email and mobile web messaging. Wadja fully supports photo, video and music integration capabilities with the most popular media sites on the web, and complete user control of content and friend relationships, through RSS, CSV, PDF and RTF export features.

The main reason I use Wadja is for sending free SMS. Wadja allows sending SMS to more than 500 networks over 200 countries.

Just register, login, go to compose and choose the SMS tab to send your SMS. The delivery time for the SMS is almost immediate, and is by far the best service I have found. Chikka is another service but it sucks due to the fact that the other person has to reply to your SMS in order for you to send more.

Wadja.com – Send free global SMS
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