Increase Windows Experience Index Score – How to fake

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Most users know of the Windows Experience Index Score, it rates your system based on the hardware and displays a score. You can view this either by clicking on Start menu and Games or by opening Control Panel and navigating to Performance Information and tools.

The performance score is calculated by Windows System Assessment Tool (WinSAT) which stores the results in an XML file. By editing this file we can increase the Windows Experience Index Score. Note that we are just going to fake better scores, this is just for show and will not actually help the system perform better !

How to fake and increase Windows Experience Index Score

Click Start

Copy or type C:\Windows\Performance\WinSAT\DataStore ( Alternatively navigate to this folder in My Computer, “Performance folder” is hidden)

You should see a few XML files in this folder, look for the latest file (you can sort files by date to help)

Right Click on the latest XML file, go to Properties > Security Tab

Click Edit and say yes to UAC prompt if you see it

Click Add

Enter your windows login username in the box and click OK

Now select your name from the list and click on the full control box, click OK

Now right click on the file > Open with > Notepad

Its pretty self explanatory, edit the scores as needed. Remember to keep it at realistic numbers. The highest Windows Experience Index Score for Windows 7 is 7.9

Increase Windows Experience Index Score – How to fake
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